JC MaD School 2022 —2023
End of Term

「創不同」學院2022—2023 結業展

Commissioned by Make a Difference School, we produced the End of Term Exhibition at the Black Box Theatre in Tai Po Arts Centre.

To create a local and approachable ambiance that resonates with the exhibited works, we utilized wood for the display tables, shelves, and panels throughout the exhibition space.

To add a sense of lightness and depth, we creatively utilized the hanging nature of the exhibition space. Some of the display tables and text information were suspended, while a wooden wall and magnets were employed to showcase the 'Leaf Word Chain.' This interactive display allowed the audience to adjust the leaf specimens and accompanying text on the wall. Additionally, colorful wooden clips were used to enhance the visual appeal of the displayed paintings, text, and photographs.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Make a Difference School
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