The Trail of Jat See-yeu’s Calligraphy in the City


We have designed the visitor guide “The Trail of Jat See-yeu’s Calligraphy in the City” as the community guided tour programme for the exhibition “Boundless Universe: Calligraphy by Jat See-yeu” presented by the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Jat See-yeu resided in Cheung Chau, where his calligraphy works are widely dispersed. The map emphasizes the connection between his works and the community, as well as the immersive trail experience. The map of Cheung Chau is presented in an axonometric style, depicting the geographical environment and architectural surroundings in detail, while clearly indicating the travel routes and visiting information.

In addition to the physical panel displayed at the exhibition, an online version of the map has been launched. It provides background information and analysis of Jat See-yeu's calligraphy, allowing readers to fully experience the profound connection between his art and the everyday lives of the community.

Hong Kong Museum of Art
Visitor’s guide