Dream Wanchai
Archival Website

灣仔大夢 計劃網頁

We are commissioned by Spicy Fish Cultural Production Ltd. to design and develop a website for “Dream Wanchai”, a community art project initiated by Sharon Ng.

By recreating dreams of Wan Chai through words and oral history, dreamers engage in intimate conversations about the community, fostering a deeper understanding of each other's lives and forming a collective dream for Wan Chai.

The website serves as a platform to preserve these emotions by cataloguing the dreams collected during the project. It also features an online version of the "Wan Chai Lucid Dream Walk," a community-guided tour curated by the artist.
The artist's Wan Chai Dream Map takes center stage on the webpage, and we have developed a design language inspired by its visual elements. Inverse colors are employed to detach dreams from reality, while a simple grid system unravels the shared consciousness and thoughtfully reconciles the myriad emotions towards the community.

Way to Memory
NG Wai Kwan, Sharon