Climate (in)justice & Poverty



We are commissioned by La Violet Education to be the course instructor of the "Global Citizenship: Curating Climate" curatorial incubation project, co-organized with Oxfam Hong Kong. We also designed and produced the end-of-term exhibition titled "Climate (in)justice and Poverty".

Over the past six months, in collaboration with La Violet Education and a diverse group of university students from different institutions and departments, we have explored the relationship between climate injustice, poverty, and Hong Kong. Faced with extreme climate conditions and varying response systems worldwide, how can Hong Kong, as part of the advanced world, address this global yet interconnected issue?

The exhibition showcased the participants' works, which included reflections on the working conditions of local cleaners in extreme climates and a collection of examples highlighting daily efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The exhibition was designed with a minimal carbon footprint in mind, considering factors such as electricity consumption during production, file sizes of information panels, printing methods, inks and materials used, as well as energy consumption for transportation and decoration. The result was a wall composed of 684 sheets of A4 black and white laser photocopied paper. Following the principles of the circular economy, these sheets will be assembled into a book after the exhibition, to be displayed or circulated at a later date.

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